Shahaa Kakar, MTC

I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #2222) and a member of the Association of Counselling Cooperative Therapists of Canada (ACCT). I am passionate about supporting my clients to connect with their struggle as a doorway to discovering the life that is calling to be lived within them.

Some of the areas I offer counselling for include:
• Anxiety & Depression
• Loss and grief
• Life transitions
• Relationship issues

My therapeutic approach is experiential in nature and is grounded in Transpersonal Psychology and Bowen Family Systems Therapy.

The experiential nature of therapy means that we will enter your emotional territory, not just talk about it. I will guide you through various processes and exercises, always with your permission and agreement, designed to assist you in understanding what your feelings are telling you and to help you move through them towards your goal state. You will always be in the lead – you will determine your own goals as well as the pace of therapy, with me as your guide and supporter.

Drawing on family systems theory, we may explore your family to identify what is being passed on through the generations, and what is landing on you from your family of origin. Specifically, we will work to understand the anxiety present in your family based on losses from the past, the rules that were formed around these losses, and how all this impacts your feelings, thoughts & actions.

Transpersonal psychology is grounded in the belief that we are more than the sum of our experiences and we each have a unique purpose and unique gifts to offer the world. Transpersonal psychology also understands our anxiety as rooted in our sense of separation and disconnection from ourselves and from each other. Drawing on this framework, I will encourage you to explore your own spiritual beliefs, personal values and unique purpose in the world.

I offer private counselling for individuals and I also run a counselling support group for mothers. I bring a gentle, open-hearted and playful nature to all my work.