All intimate relationships have moments of challenge AND they also have the potential to be a source of deep joy and connection! The relationship counselling we offer is designed to help you and your partner create the kind of relationship you want — whatever that looks like for you. We work with you to identify your personal relationship goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

During your counselling journey, you and your partner will have the opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in a safe and supportive environment. Our counsellors are trained to help you both communicate more effectively, deepen your emotional and physical intimacy, work through past traumas, and navigate life transitions such as becoming parents or adjusting to retirement.

Cookie cutter is not how we do things — every couple is unique and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and goals. Our approach is collaborative and non-judgmental.

Whether you’re experiencing a rough patch or simply want to strengthen your relationship, our relationship counselling can help. We offer both in-person and online sessions for your convenience.


  • Communication issues
  • Conflict
  • Struggles with emotional, physical or sexual intimacy
  • Navigating life transitions & significant life events
  • Emotional betrayals and affairs
  • Parenting issues
  • Grief and loss   
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Relationship crossroads (ie –  separation, end of relationship etc.)
  • Navigating non-monogamy / polyamory
  • LGBTQIA+ positive relationship counselling


Principal Counsellors
$175 including GST for 60 minutes
$240 including GST for 90 minutes

Senior Associate Counsellors
$165 including GST for 60 minutes
$220 including GST for 90 minutes

Associate Counsellors
$150 including GST for 60 minutes
$200 including GST for 90 minutes

Amazing counsellors…great little practice. Very grateful to have used their services. – S.L.

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What We OfferWhat we do and how we do it

As Registered Counsellors, we hold strong to the belief that it’s not safe to enter someone else’s psyche and offer them support, unless we’ve entered our own and done our own work. We are committed to walking the walk of continued growth.