At Breathing Space Counselling we deeply value connection and support. Our desire is to create a safe space for the community around us to connect and have access to support and resources, especially during times of struggle. Over time we have noticed the gap between the kind of support that is desired/needed and what is available. By listening to our clients and colleagues, we endeavour to answer that call and fill the gap by offering periodic community events on a variety of topics.

With their continuing love and support, Nasreen and Shahaa have helped me come to a place of surrendering my deepest fears. I have been able to follow through with taking responsibility for my mistakes and reaching out to family members I haven’t been real with for a long long time. I’m done pretending everything is “fine”. I am moving towards embracing myself with all that I am. Thank you Nasreen and Shahaa.
— J.B., Support Group Participant


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As Registered Counsellors, we hold strong to the belief that it’s not safe to enter someone else’s psyche and offer them support, unless we’ve entered our own and done our own work. We are committed to walking the walk of continued growth.