To the Women of Iran: A Love Letter


By Elmira Fakhr

There are thousands of people grieving their friends and family members who have been tragically killed in the fight for freedom from the oppression of the Islamic Regime in Iran. These brave souls have continued fighting a brutal government, putting their lives on the line. Despite the endless losses, they have not lost hope or the will to fight for a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

This is a love letter from one of our Associate Counsellors, Elmira Fakhr, who left Iran and has settled in Canada. She has chosen to make a life here and she continues to use her voice to fight for her people at home by keeping their stories alive.

Dearest Women of Iran,

It is difficult to express what I feel in simple words.

The world is watching as you fight to gain your most basic rights from the Islamic Regime in Iran. I have seen videos of your courageous protests within the last seven months. You have been tortured, raped, imprisoned, and killed.

Dear Sisters — please know, the world has heard your voice.

The strength and bravery you have shown to stand up for what you believe is admirable. You are an inspiration to so many women – and all people – around the world.

I feel your pain and sorrow deeply. Mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends have been lost in this battle and we miss them so much. I feel appreciation for our fathers, sons, brothers, and friends who have chosen to stand by our side and fight for us in this revolution.

You have inspired us all to move and make change happen. We will continue to share your stories and be your voice. We will be stronger as we stand together.

This is the revolution started by strong women of Iran – and you will not be forgotten.

Elmira is offering a limited number of reduced cost sessions to Iranian community members who are affected by this struggle.

  • A maximum of 8 online sessions at $65 each are available.
  • They are available to those who could not otherwise afford private counselling (have financial need for reduced cost sessions & do not have insurance benefits).
  • Sessions are available in English or Farsi.
  • Please email Elmira at [email protected] for more information.